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About Richard Chesser

Richard Chesser’s marriage counseling is geared toward three types of people: those who are excited about getting married one day, those who are currently married, and those who have children who will get married sometime soon. For over 20 years, his sole aim has been to help others better their marriage or provide advice for those who would like to do the same.

For those who have yet to get married, his guides will certainly prevent you from entering into bad marriages. Essentially, if you are able to understand where marriages go “wrong”, then you’ll be in a much better position to make your marriage successful.

Frankly, probably one of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they enter into marriage without really giving it enough thought, but seem to think long and hard about exactly what they want to with various other aspects of their lives, such as their professions. Advice given to them by their friends or family members on the subjects of career is often welcomed, while relationship advice is disregarded quickly.

For those of you who are currently married, his books will surely provide you with a bit of insight into marriages in general. Sometimes, when you detach yourself from a particular situation and take a look objectively, then you are better able to understand and truly appreciate the positive aspects of your marriage and recognize what aspects of it might need to be improved.

And, last but certainly not least, for the parents who would like to give their children a bit of advice when it comes to wedded bliss, his books will also strive to provide you with a bit of extra marriage wisdom to share with your older children.

For over two decades, Richard Chesser has had the pleasure and privilege to speak with a number of people who have been married for some time and others who are thinking about getting married sometime soon (personally he has been married for over three decades). Therefore, he’s had the chance to gather first-hand information about what seems to make a marriage work, and what makes it fail.

His resources are not only from his personal experiences and stories, but as well as science’s findings on the marriage trends that have happened throughout history, up to the problems plaguing our society today.  You’ll soon discover how his books are well-researched, citing many studies and trends over the last century.

He truly believes that the modern family does, in fact, have a bright future as a whole. Having a successful marriage is a right that is earned and accomplished — and by reading Richard Chesser’s books, you’ll have a detailed understanding of what it takes to attain that level of achievement.

All of Chesser’s writings and teachings have been adapted into books that have all hit the best seller lists on Amazon.  Richard currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area surround by his wife, children and a loving family created through many years of hard work and dedication.  He enjoys travel, reading, live performances, BBQing and entertaining his friends.

(For 1-on-1 opportunities, please use the contact form found on this website.)