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The Marriage Compatibility Test: 101 Questions to Ask Before You Marry


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See what readers are saying about this new book:


“There are some great questions in this book that will help you create a dialogue with the person you want to marry. Or it may make you look at things a little differently, which can be helpful. It was a fun read, and I highly recommend this book if you are thinking about getting married. Please really think about the questions and be honest with yourself. ”


“I bought this as a gift for one of my children to read as they approach marriage. Even though I have been married for awhile, this had questions I had not even thought to ask before (but that would have helped us a lot in the beginning). We were reading some of these questions at my last family get together and they sparked some really deep conversation. Now if we can only get the rest of the young generation to read books like this it might help lower the divorce rate!!”


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12 Proven Steps to Have a Healthy Marriage, Prevent Divorce and Keep Your Romance Alive


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If you’re considering marriage counseling, or simply want to build a stronger, more loving marriage (and you want to avoid divorce or any of the common pitfalls in our day and age), this is the book for you!

You’ll discover sound, down-to-earth solutions for handling common relationship problems and avoiding the mistakes which can endanger even the happiest of unions. In a simple, step-by-step style you’ll gain experienced advice on such important topics as:

  • Who should actually marry? (the answer might not be what you think!)
  • Getting married soon? Why you might NOT want to honeymoon…
  • Having marital difficulties and constant fights? Discover quick and easy steps to take and critical dangers to guard against
  • The looming question of divorce, and how to prevent it from happening once and for all!
  • The hidden differences in outlook between men and women that can change the course of your love life forever
  • Thinking of having kids? Make sure you follow the 4 key tips in Chapter 7 to set yourself up for the happiest family possible
  • How to build an amazing foundation during the “make or break” first 2 years of marriage
  • Simple easy-to-follow preparations for your middle-age years together
  • And so much more!

These are just a few of the many critical topics you’ll learn in this inspiring book. You’ll get advice, guidance and some provocative answers to questions many hesitate to ask.

Considered a “wise and informative handbook that explores tactfully, and with understanding, the many problems which confront married people and those who are contemplating marriage”, consider this a guide for everyone at whatever stage of your marriage (or soon-to-be marriage). With this book in your hand, you’re sure to enjoy the adventure. Buy your copy today!

See what readers are saying about Chesser’s work:

“While I imagine some spots might seem a little ‘old fashioned’ to some people, there was a LOT of relevant information. My husband and I were reading this together and it made some very helpful points that helped us understand each other even better. It gives a good frame of reference to be thinking about the entire arch of your life and how you want your life to look in your marriage. It also asks very good questions if you are not married yet that I encourage all engaged couples to read and discuss honestly before getting married. I recommend this book.”


“This is a fantastic book. Since I’m getting married soon (and want it to last), I am reading every great thing I can about marriage. And this book lived up to its promise! The 12 steps outlined in this book make perfect sense and make me feel like I can actually accomplish a rewarding relationship with my husband-to-be. The chapter about “the first two years” was my favorite, but this book covers everything beyond just the first two years. I highly recommend everyone who is in a relationship (or who is thinking about marriage) gets a copy of this book!

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Why Marriages Go Wrong and How to Make Yours Succeed


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If you’ve ever wondered why the divorce rate is so high today, and more importantly, what the secret is to the 50% of marriages that actually DO succeed and thrive, then this is the book for you!

Sociology, anthropology, psychology and a large dose of real-life case studies and stories combine to make this an eye-opening, exciting read.

From the author of the best selling book, 12 Proven Steps to Have a Healthy Marriage, Prevent Divorce and Keep Your Romance Alive comes a fascinating new look into what exactly makes marriages work and last for a lifetime. Once you begin reading, you’ll soon discover why marriages fail and how to navigate the hazards that come with such a special relationship.

This extremely well-researched and pragmatic book is geared toward three types of readers: those who are excited about getting married one day, those who are currently married, and those who have children who will get married sometime soon.

Whether you’re just starting out or you want to know how to save a marriage, Why Marriages Go Wrong and How to Make Yours Succeed will surely help you to better your marriage or help you provide marriage advice for those who would like to tie the knot someday.

Simply put, this is the ultimate marriage help guide. Buy it now to read on all of your electronic devices instantly!

See what readers are saying about this new book:

What a great book! I’m getting married soon and plan to have a great family with new husband, so this book came at a perfect time. I especially liked the section about husbands and wives becoming parents and all the pitfalls to avoid. I definitely look forward to reading more from Richard Chesser!”


“I’ve been married for awhile and this book definitely made me think a bit. With the amount of research Chesser put into this, it helped me realize why we’ve had some friction in my marriage and more importantly how to deal with it so we can have many more years of happiness together. Recommend you get this on your Kindle.”

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